Artebook On-line Art Gallery

We would like to welcome you to the Artebook On-line Art Gallery and hope you enjoy browsing through the paintings our artist has created. We offer quality and original art at very affordable prices. For ease of browsing, we have displayed our artworks in their respective categories which you will find under the ‘Gallery’ drop-down menu above. We are confident that you will find something that excites your imagination, takes you back to a place […]

About the Artist Anil Patel

“I have been painting from an early age and my motivation is my true love of art. My style of painting is very varied and can cater for any style my clients require. I like to paint with good quality brushes, but also work with palette knives, cloths and spray cans where necessary to create the right effect. I can paint in an expressive style, sometimes with fine detail, sometimes spontaneous, applying layers of paint […]