Join our sketching tours of Leicester’s Architectural Beauty to admire its stunning architecture. With every drawing, you can capture the city’s allure. You’ll learn about the captivating history of Leicester’s most famous buildings as you sketch them.

These tours are perfect for anyone who loves art, no matter their skill level. You’ll get to explore Leicester’s past and present in a creative way. Let your imagination run wild against the city’s magnificent views.

Key Take awaysand lan about Leicester’s Architectural Beauty

  • Embark on a captivating journey through Leicester’s architectural wonders via sketching tours
  • Discover the rich history and stories behind the city’s most iconic buildings
  • Suitable for artists of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned sketchers
  • Unleash your creativity and immortalise Leicester’s stunning backdrops on paper
  • Explore the city’s architectural past and present through the art of sketching

Introduction to Leicester’s Architecture

Leicester is full of history and rich in architecture from various eras. Its buildings tell tales of Roman, medieval, and Victorian times. Anil Patel’s art tours help us explore this heritage, from ancient landmarks to Victorian grandeur.

Brief History of Leicester’s Architectural Beauty and Development

Leicester’s architecture is a mix of styles, showing its change over time. We explore buildings like the Jewry Wall and St Nicholas’ Church, learning their stories on architectural sketching tours. These adventures highlight Leicester’s progress through the ages.

Significance of Architectural Sketching

Architectural sketching brings Leicester’s history to life in a unique way. It lets us appreciate the details and beauty of the city’s buildings. Join our Anil Patel art tours to improve your sketching skills and uncover Leicester’s architectural marvels.

Discovering Leicester’s Roman Heritage

Leicester’s Roman past is clear in its buildings. The Jewry Wall and St Nicholas’ Church show us this. The Jewry Wall is a big part of Leicester’s Roman world. It was the entrance to the town’s public baths.

The Jewry Wall

The Jewry Wall is an amazing piece of Roman Leicester. It’s made from special red bricks. This wall is huge and well-designed, showing off the city’s Roman history. Many think it was the entrance to an important Roman meeting place.

St Nicholas’ Church

St Nicholas’ Church in Leicester has a special Roman connection. It was built in the 4th century. The church has a mix of Roman and newer styles, making it a beautiful part of Leicester’s history. People can see the Roman parts and learn about the past.

Roman architecture

Medieval Marvels of Leicester

Leicester’s buildings show its rich medieval history. They take us to the beauty of the past. Our journey starts with the grand Leicester Cathedral.

Leicester Cathedral

The Leicester Cathedral is dedicated to St. Martin. He was a Roman officer who later became a bishop. It’s mentioned in the Domesday Book. This iconic building shows off Victorian Gothic style, thanks to major renovations.

Leicester Castle and the Great Hall

Leicester Castle and its Great Hall are in the city’s centre. They remind us of old England’s glory. This castle, from the 11th century, used to be a home for English kings. It also played a big part in the area’s politics and society.

St Mary de Castro Church

The St Mary de Castro Church is another gem. It was built in the 12th century. This church has a tall spire and detailed carvings. It shows how important religion and culture were in Leicester’s past.

The Guildhall

The Guildhall was the heart of medieval governance. It shows Leicester’s strong business and civic life. Its beauty and historic importance still draw people in. The Guildhall tells the story of Leicester’s past with pride.

Victorian Splendour in Leicester

Leicester’s look is filled with beautiful Victorian buildings. They’re more than just historic. They tell stories and show incredible art. The Leicester Clock Tower is a shining example. It was built in 1868 to honour Leicester’s key supporters. This shows their civic pride and progress at that time.

The Clock Tower

The Leicester Clock Tower stands tall in the city centre. It’s known for its Victorian style. The tower thanks four locals who helped the city grow. Its spire and details are very impressive. They celebrate the hard work of these important people.

London Road Railway Station

Built in the 1800s, the London Road Railway Station is a Victorian gem. Its design shows off their skills and tech at that time. The station’s look, full of arches and pretty details, was a big deal back then. It’s a sign of how important trains and travel were. Plus, it shows Leicester’s role as a key stop.

New Walk

Walking down New Walk feels like stepping into the past. This area was made for fun and relaxation. It’s full of elegant houses and green views. Back then, the Victorians loved these kind of spots. It was their way of making the city better for everyone.

Victorian architecture

Leicester’s Architectural Beauty

Leicester’s buildings create a stunning mix of styles, grabbing your attention and sparking your creativity.

Exchange Building

It is a Grade II listed building, celebrated for its Baroque-style. This structure is a beautiful part of the city’s heritage.

In the city’s centre is the

Town Hall Square

. It highlights Leicester’s effort in keeping its history alive. It’s surrounded by grand Victorian buildings and acts as a gathering spot for the community.

Anyone interested in Leicester’s past should visit the

Leicester Prison

. The prison shows a different side of architecture with its Gothic style. It reflects how laws and opinions on crime have changed over time.


Leicester’s architecture is a blend of history, culture, and art. It includes relics from the Roman era to stunning Victorian structures. Sketching allows you to explore Leicester’s beauty up close, capturing its details and timelessness.

Ending our look at Leicester’s buildings, we invite you to sketch with us. Discover the city’s beauty through your pencil and see it in a unique way. Our sketching tours are for everyone, helping you connect with Leicester’s past and share your creativity.

Leicester’s buildings show its strength, change, and culture. Sketching them helps keep Leicester’s story alive. Join us to experience Leicester’s architecture through drawing. Your art will reveal Leicester’s true beauty.


What can I expect from your guided sketching tours in Leicester?

Our guided sketching tours let you dive into Leicester’s architectural beauty. They’re perfect for both experts and those new to drawing. You’ll learn the history of amazing buildings and draw them against beautiful settings.

What types of architectural landmarks will we see during the tours?

You’ll get to sketch a wide range of architecture. This includes Roman sites like the Jewry Wall, and Victorian buildings such as the Clock Tower. Each piece tells a story of Leicester’s rich history.

Do I need to have prior experience in sketching or art to participate in the tours?

You don’t need to be experienced. These tours welcome artists at any level. Our instructors will show you how to bring Leicester’s beauty to life in your drawings, no matter your skill.

How do the tours incorporate the history and significance of Leicester’s architecture?

Our guides will tell you about each building’s history as you sketch. You’ll discover secrets from Roman times to the Victorian era. It all helps you see Leicester’s architecture in a new light.

What materials and equipment do I need to bring for the sketching tours?

Bring your sketchbook, pencils, and erasers. You can also add any other drawing tools you like. Our guides offer tips on the best gear for drawing, making your tour more enjoyable.

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