Drawing is a great way to show our creativity. It helps us make beautiful art. Whether you’re starting or want to get better, these tips will lift your work, in this article we will look at ways to improve your drawing skills.

Choose from the top techniques in our Leicester workshop by noted artist Anil Patel. He covers everything from basic skills to drawing from what you see and trying new things. Mastering these ideas and practising a lot will help you find your style and get better.

Key Takeaways

  • Establish a solid foundation in drawing basics like shapes and lines
  • Find inspiration in the world around us and subjects that captivate our creativity
  • Utilise reference materials like photographs and real-life models to improve accuracy
  • Experiment with a variety of drawing techniques to add depth and texture
  • Consistently practise and seek feedback to develop our unique artistic style

Mastering the Fundamentals

Drawing is simple to start with. To get better, focus on the basics. Learn art tips by drawing basic shapes and lines. This builds the foundation for more advanced art. Even drawing trees, flowers, or faces is good practice.

Establishing a Solid Foundation

To get good at drawing, first nail the basics. Draw simple shapes like circles and squares. See how these shapes form more complex things. Vary your lines and textures to make your drawings pop.

Starting with Basic Shapes and Lines

Understanding basic shapes and lines is vital for artists. Start by sketching easy objects. Focus on their size and shape. This knowledge will guide you to more difficult drawings.

Embracing Mistakes and Imperfections

Don’t stress about getting everything perfect. Art tips and drawing techniques are about learning. Mistakes actually help you learn the basics. Try new things and don’t be scared to mess up. The important thing is to begin drawing and keep at it, no matter what.

Finding Inspiration

Finding things that really catch our attention is vital for artists. It could be a family member, a wide view, or even an object in your home. Drawing helps us show how we see the world.

Subjects That Captivate Your Creativity

There’s so much around us to get inspired by. A child playing, sunlight on a sill, or a flower’s details are all inspiring. They spark our creativity and make us want to draw more.

Observing the World Around You

Looking closely at our world can lead to great drawing ideas. Noticing little things like textures and shadows is important. This helps you find beauty in everyday life. So, look around, get inspired, and let your art reflect what you see.

Utilising Reference Materials

Even if you’re very skilled, using references can really help your art. You can use photos, prints, or draw from life to get things right. This shows us how to do shadows, highlights, and make our art look real. It’s a big boost for new artists, making their skill grow.

Photographs and Prints as Guides

Building a collection of photos and prints can change your art for the better. These images give us the details we need. They make our drawings look just like the real thing. For any scene or person you want to draw, having photos to refer to is a big plus.

Drawing from Real-Life Models

Also, drawing real people and things can be really rewarding. This method lets us get up close with our subject. We learn more about shapes, light, and shadow this way. It makes our art come alive, showing the real beauty of our subjects.

Experimenting With Techniques

Refresh your creativity by trying different drawing and shading methods. Cross-hatching, stippling, and scumbling can give your art depth and texture. You’ll improve your drawings through various styles and techniques. This journey helps you find your unique artistic style.

Cross-Hatching for Depth and Texture

Cross-hatching adds depth and texture to drawings. Use intersecting lines to create shadows and tonal values. Play with line density and direction to see how it changes your artwork’s appearance.

Stippling for Lights and Shadows

Stippling uses tiny dots to form images. By changing dot density and placement, you manage light and shadow. This technique adds depth, making your drawings appear three-dimensional. Discover how stippling can improve your art skills.

Exploring Various Art Styles

Trying different art styles enhances your drawing techniques. From detailed portraits to bold, abstract gestures, find what suits you. Experimenting is an exciting way to develop your artistic vision. Don’t hesitate to try something new; it’s how you find your unique style.

drawing techniques

Develop Your Unique Style

As we keep drawing, our unique style will emerge. We should be brave in letting our creativity show. Trying different art tips and drawing techniques will show what we love to use in our art.

Getting better at drawing and finding our unique style is like a fun adventure. We can try different things to see what fits us best. This could mean playing with strong lines, small details, or strange shapes. Being open-minded is the key here.

There’s no rule book for finding your style. Everyone’s path is their own, which makes it special. So, keep pushing yourself, playing with new ideas, and enjoy the journey of improving your drawing.

Improve Your Drawing Skills Through Practice

Drawing better starts with practising regularly. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or are skilled. Drawing every day, even for a short time, really boosts your abilities. Make it a habit to draw daily. Doing this will sharpen your skills over time.

Making Drawing a Daily Habit

The more you practise drawing, the more you improve. Find a time each day to focus on your art. This could be in the morning, at lunch, or in the evening. Consistency is very important, so don’t skip drawing for other things.

Seeking Feedback and Constructive Criticism

Being part of a community of artists is great for support. You can get advice by joining local art groups or online forums. Getting feedback helps spot where you can do better and keeps you motivated.

Balancing Expression and Discipline

Technical skills are as key as being creative. Learn the basics of drawing well. This includes things like making things look right, shading, and how to show depth. Doing this will let you be creative in your way.

Carrying a Sketchbook Everywhere

A sketchbook is handy for catching your ideas as they come. Use any free moment to draw, like when you’re waiting somewhere. Drawing like this keeps your creativity flowing.

Good drawing skills come from daily practice. Getting feedback, mixing creativity with learning, and always having a sketchbook ready helps you improve. Keep at it, and you’ll get to where you want to be as an artist.



Drawing is essential and anyone can get better with practice. Following advice from top artist Anil Patel at our Leicester workshop helps. He taught us to start with basics and dare to be creative.

Practising regularly is crucial. Let’s keep drawing, exploring, and finding our unique styles. Thanks to Anil Patel, our Leicester art workshop gave us the key to get better at drawing.

The journey to better drawing won’t always be smooth. But with love, hard work, and the right help, we can make our art dreams real.

So, keep improving, get creative, and enjoy drawing. This path offers endless opportunities to grow and enjoy your art.


What are the essential tips to improve my drawing skills?

Ten tips to boost your drawing from good to great include:Focus on daily sketchingLearn from others’ work.Explore new mediums.Study and practice perspective.Work on lighting and shadows.Practice drawing from real life.Keep a sketchbook with you at all times.Learn to take and use feedback well.Be patient and kind to yourself.Don’t forget to have fun. Happy drawing!

How can I establish a solid foundation for drawing?

Begin with the basics. Draw simple shapes and lines. Mistakes are lessons in disguise. They make you better.

Where can I find inspiration for my drawings?

Look everywhere for drawing ideas. It might be a face you love or a vast meadow. Take a moment to see the beauty around you.

How can using reference materials help improve my drawing skills?

Reference materials are crucial. They teach you how light plays on objects, what shapes shadows make, and how to frame your drawing.Ensure your learning is solid, starting with pictures, and then moving on to drawing from life.

What different drawing and shading techniques can I explore?

Discover varied techniques like:– Cross-hatching– Stippling– Scumbling– BlendingMix art styles, from real to not-so-real, to see your style bloom.

How can I develop my unique artistic style?

Find your own flair. Try different ways of drawing and various subjects. Soon, you’ll know how you want to express your creativity.

How can I improve my drawing skills through consistent practice?

Draw each day, even if for a short time. Make it a ritual. Listen to what others say about your art.Walk the line between freedom and rules in drawing. Keep a sketchbook close for whenever inspiration hits.

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